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I'm a Cis Gay boy, He/Him/His pronouns, love for all who want it.I'm one third of the Trio of Queer Science Bros
oleandervine: In the past week, what's the craziest thing you've done or seriously considered doing?

Sadly there’s nothing I’ve done crazy this week…. maybe besides get a job at target for the holidays. lol sadly when I’m home I don’t get to do crazy things cause I’m baking or doing things for my family.

craziest thing I’ve thought of doing…? well now lets just say it’s still to early in the night for me to talk about some of my thoughts. lets just say it involved audiences and very little clothing.

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  1. oleandervine said: Target will suck the life out of you, btw. Welcome to my world, lol! And yay naked thoughts!
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